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Kamil Mika was born in 1987 in Cracow, Poland.
He took his master’s degree in Organ Performance at Academy of Music in Cracow under Prof. Andrzej Białko.
and continued his studies at Hochschule für Musik in Mainz in Germany with Prof. Gerhard Gnann. Meanwhile he took part in several organ masterclasses in Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Luxembourg and United States with such professor as:
Olivier Latry, Daniel Roth, Ben van Oosten, Wolfgang Zerer, Harald Vogel, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Guy Bovet, Pieter van Dijk, David Titterington, Jane Parker-Smith, Christophe Mantoux, Andres Cea Galan, Stefan Engels and Paul Jacobs.

He took First Prize on X International Organ Competition in Castellana Grotte (Italy, 2011) and Third Prize in National Competition of Organ and Chamber Music “Per Artem ad Astra” in Krasnobrod (Poland, 2007).

Kamil Mika played on music festivals in Austria, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Ukraine, Wales, as a soloist and a cameralist as well. The concerts took place at such venues as:

St Paul's Cathedral in London
St Giles' Cathedral in Edinburgh
Chapel of Royal Palace in Madrid
Auditorio SONY in Madrid
Cathedral of Barcelona
Cathedral of Salamanca

Cathedral of Tallinn
Cathedral of Cagliari
Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø
Philharmonia of Uzghorod

St Peter’s Church in Vienna
St Teresa’s of Avila Church in Budapest
St Jean-Baptiste’s Church in Chaource
Adaúfe Church, Braga
Central Church in Pori
University of Glasgow
Cathedrals in Aberdeen, Bradford, Newport, Sheffield

Halifax Minster

Together with Orchestra of Uzghorod Philharmonic and conductor Victoria Savlyavchyk-Tsanko he performed Surzyński’s Organ Concerto G-minor Op. 35 at Uzghorod Philharmonia on Ukraine.

In 2013 Kamil recorded for a CD – Project “Spanische Barockorgel an der Hochschule für Musik Mainz” on a new spanish organ by Joaquín Lois Cabello from Castile.

In 2019 Kamil was honorued with a scholarship of Ministery of Culture and National Heritage of Poland and organized first ever "Polish Organ Music Festival" in Cracow performing himself 4 recitals.

Kamil is a member of Aberdeen and District Organists' Association and Artistic Comitee of International Association of Organists “Organ in Progress” in Carrara, Italy.

Kamil is based in Aberdeen in Scotland, where he teaches organ and serves as an organist at St James the Less Episcopal Church.

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